testing for covid-19 antibodies

How is it done: blood sample 

Does it hurt: no 

How long before results: 24-48 hrs

How to check for results: log into portal www.LoopMedicalCenter.com  or call (312) 414-1088

How much does it cost: paid by insurance or if no insurance it’s free 

Who should get tested:

Must be COVID symptom free > 7 days 

Accuracy:  close to 90-95% 

What does it mean: 

  1. IgG – you have been infected, and possibly are immune 
  2. IgM – you are fighting an infection  
  3. IgA – a low value indicates low ability to fight an infection and create antibodies, this can be hereditary, and is not specific to C-19

How long before results: 24-48 hrs

Can I get reinfected: unknown