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Emergency 1-Hour Covid-19 rt-PCR Test

Accurate rt-PCR testing and certification for travel. Results in approximately 1 hour.

Contact Us to Schedule at our Grand Avenue Location.

Emergency COVID-19 rt-PCR Test with Results and Certification.

At Loop Medical Center and Covid Lab Chicago, we are committed to fighting the pandemic , one test at a time. We are a Doctors office and a CLIA Certified Laboratory.

Do you need to COVID-19 test for school clearance? Medical reasons? Travel? Return to work? Peace of mind? No matter the need, we can provide any COVID-19 related test within less than 24 hours, including RT-PCR tests. And for emergency situations, we offer results and certification in approximately one hour!

Most overseas travel arrangements currently require proof of a negative COVID-19 test by a certified laboratory within 72 hours from departure.

*If you have an urgent need for results, we can produce RT-PCR results within an hour of the time of collection.

For an urgent request, please email: between the hours of 7:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Rt-PCR testing at Loop Medical Center and Covid Lab Chicago is covered by most insurances at no extra cost. An rt-PCR test is NOT the same as a PCR test. The main difference between PCR and RT-PCR, PCR uses double-stranded DNA as the template whereas RT-PCR uses RNA as the template. It essentially means PCR test is less accurate than rt-PCR. Read HERE to understand the difference.

Results are automatically pushed to the patient portal and can be viewed on a mobile phone, computer or be printed.”


Pain free & accurate.
Priority Results in as little as 60 minutes.

For our Same Day Covid-19 rt-PCR test please email us

Have Concerns or Questions?

We understand. Here is some helpful information about our process and Covid-19 frequently asked questions.


Accurate results within 24 hours*


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Returning Patients
Returning Patients