Our Mission

“Also I will, according to my ability and judgment, prescribe a regimen for the health of the sick; but I will utterly reject harm and mischief”Hippocratic Oath

Our treatment success stems from a very simple principle: we listen to our patients, perform detailed evaluations and offer the most current and effective evidence-based treatments. We value teamwork and frequently consult our brightest colleagues from multiple medical and ancillary specialties. Therefore, our name: Professional Anesthesiology Interventional Network, Inc.

Adverse consequences associated with chronic pain syndromes arise from inadequate healing. Chronic inflammatory status can be related to long standing illnesses and medication side effects but can also be due to a disjointed treatment approach. At the Loop Medical Center – Interventional Specialists Center, we take a purposeful and individualized approach to achieve the goals of our patients by providing a comprehensive management plan from day one.

The foundation of our strategy is developing a clear outline of the objectives we aim to achieve for each patient. Our patients are relieved of suffering which has often been unresponsive to a multitude of treatment regimens and go on to achieve a high level of improved social re-engagement and improved vocational functioning. 

At the Loop Medical Center – Interventional Specialists Center, we are proud of the success we have achieved in delivering meaningful outcomes to our patients.