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regenerative medicine

Incredible Possibilities of Regenerative Medicine

As living beings who face various traumatic events, people must find ways to heal damaged tissues. While some animals can regenerate entire parts of a body after an injury, humans are unfortunately incapable of such accomplishments.

That’s why we’ve always been fascinated by the main famous villain from legendary Terminator 2, T-1000. Imagine if people could recover like him from all injuries and disorders. Okay, that’s too much Sci-Fi. But regenerative medicine has brought us fantastic shifts in approach to treatment and prevention.

regenerative medicine

Take Advantage of Innate Abilities

In many aspects, the human body has the innate ability to repair itself. A cut on the skin heals itself, damaged bones mend, and the liver of a living donor regenerates in a matter of weeks. Imagine if scientists could harness this natural healing capacity and apply it to a variety of ailments.

You may not have to imagine anymore.

Safe and Effective Therapies

Regenerative medicine seeks out and develops therapies that help the body repair, regenerate, and restore itself to a healthy condition. It uses various combinations of specially grown cells, tissues, and laboratory-made compounds to replace or enhance the body’s natural healing and regeneration processes. Regenerative care achieves great success, by applying safe and effective therapies derived from living cells.

Therapies are applied alone or in combination with specially designed materials. The potential of regenerative medicine to influence established therapeutic procedures is enormous.

What are Cellular Therapies?

Every individual has hundreds of millions of adult stem cells. Our bodies use stem cells as a means of self-repair. Adult stem cells may be extracted and injected at the location of sick or damaged tissue to allow for tissue rebuilding under the correct circumstances.

regenerative medicine

These cells can be obtained from a variety of sources, including blood, fat, bone marrow, tooth pulp, skeletal muscle, and others. Adult stem cells can also be obtained from cord blood. Scientists and physicians are working to improve their capacity to prepare obtained stem cells for injection into patients in order to treat sick or damaged tissue.

Loop Medical Center has made an effort to provide you with state-of-the-art regenerative medicine treatments led by a Harvard-trained doctor. Book consultation or appointment.

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