Injections and Nerve Blocks

Many pain treatments are focused on the vertebral column, central nervous system, and peripheral nervous system. Depending on the underlying issue, a skilled interventionist may be able to offer less invasive procedures, such as spinal nerve blocks, instead of traditional open surgery approaches.

Minimally invasive techniques can alleviate congenital or acquired structural defects in bone, neural structures, and connective tissue. These procedures, in some instances done under local anesthesia and/or sedation, reduce the need for inpatient admission and extensive postoperative recovery. In addition, minimally invasive techniques can offer significantly less downtime to patients’ recovery and return to function. Swift reduction in pain can reduce long term health burdens to the patient, including minimization of reliance on opiate medications.

The pairing of regenerative medicine techniques with progressive interventional spine treatment options may provide positive outcomes for difficult to treat conditions with the use of minimally invasive methods. Depending on the patient’s condition, different injections can help to alleviate symptoms, improving their quality of life.