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Covid-19 RT-PCR Test

Accurate rt-PCR testing. Results within 24 hours. Same-day results for appointments scheduled before 8:30am.
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COVID-19 rt-PCR Test

A rt-PCR nasal swab is one of the most reliable methods for COVID-19 detection.

At Loop Medical Center / CovidLab Chicago, our gentle practitioners administer a nasal swab Covid-19 test.  Your specimen is then sent to our own CLIA-certified laboratory for immediate processing with results within 24 hours. Same-Day results can be provided for appointments before 8:30am. For emergencies, we offer 1-hour processing and certification.

The procedure for this gentle & non-invasive nasal swab test (anterior nasal) sampling is as follows:

Using a flocked or spun polyester swab, insert the swab at least 1 cm (0.5 inch) inside the nostril (naris) and firmly sample the nasal membrane by rotating the swab and leaving it in place for 10 to 15 seconds. Sample both nostrils with the same swab.

Our rt-PCR test also checks for variants including: Variant B.1.1.7 (UK Variant), Variant B.1.351 (South African Variant), Variant P.1 (Brazil Variant)

Pain free & accurate. Results within 24 hours.

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We understand. Here is some helpful information about our process and Covid-19 frequently asked questions.


Accurate results within 24 hours*


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Returning Patients