Anti-Aging & Hormone Therapy


Hormone replacement Therapy (HRT) in men and women can often be seen as controversial. However, using and exhausting a Functional Medicine approach by applying dietary modifications, nutraceutical supplementation, and other lifestyle changes. You may not be happy with your results. Using HRT adjunctively with Functional Medicine approaches can often curtail the signs and symptoms that are all too often accepted with the inevitable process of aging.

These changes are sometimes different for men and women, but include:

Decreased Energy Weight Gain
Decreased Sexual Vitality Dry, thin skin–loss of elasticity
Decrease in Sexual Performance Poor Sleep
Loss of Muscle Tone Hot Flashes
Loss of Strength Endurance Decreased Energy
Concentration Loss Irritability/Anxiety/Mood Changed
Poor Sleep
Decreased Libido
Increased Body Fat Vaginal Dryness/Painful Intercourse
Hair Loss Bladder Changes

Many of these changes happen over a period of time, which allows many to think that this is a “normal” way to feel when aging. However, most of these changes are due to hormonal decreases that can indeed be corrected. Feeling and looking unhealthy is not “normal.”

Our Anti-Aging method can help restore hormonal imbalances that are individual to you.

Please be aware that there is an out of pocket fee associated by this service, that may or may not be reimbursed by your insurance.

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