About Us

Chicago Pain Management Center is an Affiliate of Professional Anesthesiology Network, Inc. a medical practice dedicated to providing quality care through teamwork and integration of partner medical services.

Beginning to treat a patient with pain is not an easy task. Unlike most medical conditions diagnosing a patient in pain is a complicated task. Unfortunately, our draconian regulations, need to expedient treatment and outcomes have dehumanized patient and physician integration. Some pain physicians take approach of categorizing patients into groups based on their insurance. The ones that have good insurance receive treatment A while others for the same diagnosis treatment B or C.

Our method is simple, a thorough evaluation which involve a physical examination and work up is done for each patient. Pain is a warning sign that something is not right. Much like yellow, check engine light warns a vehicle needs to be checked.  While some physicians tend to quail the pain warning sign with opiates and other medications, we believe that is (in most cases) a completely wrong approach.

You may have received wrong advice and treatment from your doctors if you said this before:

  1. “I don’t like physical therapy or  
  2. “it didn’t work for me”
  3. You are significantly overweight and you know it
  4. You are significantly overweight and question if your back pain ot hip pain was due to your weight gain
  5. Smoke cigarettes and don’t think you have a problem
  6. keep receiving the pain medication for years
  7. Was prescribed a brace and had no diagnosed fracture
  8. Was prescribed a “Pain Cream”
  9. Was offered a highly invasive procedure before other measures have been tried
  10. Was told that

If you are ready to get well, have a detailed look at your pain, get full musculoskeletal and neurological assessment you will received a honest and straightforward, no hole bared diagnosis and treatment.
Many physicians throw two words rather surreptitiously: “Multidisciplinary pain management.”